How to successfully scale businesses to 9 figures!

Shane Spiers is a coach, mentor, consultant and facilitator. We have a fantastic chat about all things business this week. His career track record is dominated by leading and scaling 7, 8 & 9-figure rapid growth companies. He definitely knows a thing or two about success!
We speak about growing companies from the start-up to the grown up stage and discuss leadership styles, giving back and goal setting. The latter leads us into productivity habits we discover we both have. GTD, goal setting, helicopter view and licenses as well as entrepreneurship and productivity.
These days Shane’s thing is “Summit SCALEĀ®: The 7 to 8-Figure Business Growth Model” a blended learning program that equips successful business owners to transition from entrepreneurial to a managed growth.
Enjoy this week!
This podcast is hosted by Volker Ballueder (Ballueder Partners) who also wrote a book on productivity and life improvement #BeBetter.

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Leaders are Readers! Career Advice for 2019 and beyond!

The first episode of the year is with a career coach and executive search consultant or recruiter Andrew MacAskill. Since I went through redundancy and career choices last year, I thought it would be great to kick off 2019 with some advice on career and job hunts.
Given it is January, some of the listeners might consider a change in career this year, and this might just give you the right pointers where to start. If you are not looking, this is still relevant, as we discuss how the job market has changed, and how executive careers are different to where they were in the past.
Is there still job security? Are we all consultants? I wrote about that in the past in a publication. Those are the questions we are trying to answer and how to attract the right position, incentivise CEOs for the long term game.
We speak about Principles of Success and about how entrepreneurs are motivated. Andrew points out that mindset is key for success and it is a journey, not a goal, re-iterating what we found out in last year’s podcast journey.
You can find out more about him on his LinkedIn profile and on the EO website.
He has fantastic advice on reading material and great advice as a career coach overall. Leaders are readers, Andrew concludes. 
Enjoy this episode!
This podcast is hosted by Volker Ballueder (Ballueder Partners) who also wrote a book on productivity and life improvement #BeBetter.

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Stories of Success – Getting ready for 2019!

This is a 12 minutes episode about my thoughts on 2018, 2019 and my podcast as well as life in general; the principles of success, mind hacking and how I want to go deeper and have more focus in 2019.
It’s about ultimate balance, mind and body, thoughts and approach to life. Isn’t life just exciting?


The book recommendations can be found here.

The Principles Of Success can be downloaded here.

My productivity book is available here.


Let me know who you want me to interview in 2019 and let me know your thoughts of the podcast so far! We got a pretty epic line up for Q1, diverse and really powerful. Enjoy!



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Take Life by the Throat – Nicki Ryan

The last episode of the year features Nicki Ryan who works for Cisco. She started her career as a stewardess and moved into sales and from there she has been super successful with now leading a global team at Cisco being responsible for not only revenue but a lot of people. We speak about work ethics, family, and how to switch off. But we also discuss the corporate responsibility and how mentoring is important to her and how she gives back. From there we touch on gender equality or inequality and how to tackle those challenges. Her motto is to take life by the throat. Enjoy and have a good Christmas.
Feel free to reach out to her on LinkedIn.

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Gurman Hundal – Co-Founder of MiQ about simply being a successful entrepreneur

This episode with Gurman Hundal, co-founder of MiQ, is a bit shorter and has some audio challenges at the beginning (apologies, it gets better throughout the episode) but the content is a must listen for any entrepreneur. Gurman gives advice on building a successful start-up culture, about empowering people and having trust; working hard, yet having a work life balance and being content, and happy.
An episode close to my heart as I met both Gurman and his co-founder Lee in 2010. They have made it in our industry and they are not done yet!
I am delighted that Gurman made some time in his busy diary to meet and speak with me about his journey. He launched the now global company MiQ in London with partner Lee Puri after recognising a clear unaddressed need for data-driven insight in an otherwise thriving ad-tech economy. Seeing both opportunity and demand for more transparent models in real-time advertising, MiQ was born and has maintained a 95% employee retention rate. I’d love to know the secret of that culture!
In 2017, Gurman won a Gold StevieĀ® Award in the Executive of the Year in the Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations category. I am sure this is just one of many.

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Dominic Powers on success in Asia

Another great chat this week. Dominic Powers, CEO of Ctrl/Shift  and I speak about the adtech industry but quickly venture out on a few tangent. A conversation that leads you to understand how to be successful in Asia, which leadership style works and how to stay in a company for over 14 years. We speak about the sitting order in a Japanese taxi, the Ocean Clean up  and how Dominic’s upbringing in the UK, and his work ethics got him where he is today. A successful business leader with lots of advice on how to bring focus back into one’s life, how to live a digital detox and educate our children to look after the planet. 
His (and my) book recommendation is the City of Devils which you can find alongside Homo Deus or Sapients on my recommendation page.
If you want to know more about Dominic or get in touch, please check out his website or LinkedIn profile.

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Don’t stop until you finish – Emma Loisel

This week’s episode features Emma Loisel, currently an investor in Volcano Coffee Works . I met her back in 2013 when she was already very successful as founding member and COO of The Exchange Lab. We discuss her story of success as a Kiwi in the UK, cultural differences and whether a commute from New Zealand to London is the same as Brighton to London. 
For her success is about choice and not about money. Her motivation is about problem solving, and she makes the business she works for her ‘riddles’ to be solved. Another tangent we went on was how to define entrepreneurialism and how it differs to be an inventor vs. an entrepreneur. 
When discussing cultures, we uncover human contact vs. remote working, and how life changes and our outlook on what we want to achieve for us and our family. Emma also discusses her approach to mentoring and ‘orchestrating’ a team.
Since returning to New Zealand, she reflected on how well the UK is set up for businesses. She also started periodic fasting and you can find out more about her technique on Prolon’s website which helped her a lot to gain energy and left her feeling a lot better about herself. 
Overall a very varied conversation about success, life, business and entrepreneurism, as well as management and mentoring. 
You can find out more about her or get in touch via LinkedIn
Emma’s mantra is that she doesn’t stop until she’s finished. 
We discussed where the quote “Standing on the shoulders of giants” came from, which was attributed to Bernard of Chartres

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Is Success boring? A view from a high performance coach!

This episode is one of my favourite ones. Folkert wonders if success is boring? Really? I recorded it a while back but it is all about what success means, and what we can achieve based on our own capabilities. Folkert Behrends has a similar passion to myself: helping and motivating people. Folkert supports individuals, teams and companies in finding unused personality, leadership and communication potentials. He develops strategies which translate into future skills, having worked with big blue chip companies. We discuss how the younger generation has to be managed differently and how people need to be empowered.
Given he is an athlete (22 time IRONMAN finisher!) Folkert gives us amazing examples of success, achievements and we discuss the choices we have and should make. He draws on his vast experience on how to train your mind, understand what you want to achieve, where your focus is, and how you need to go ‘into the tunnel’. There are so many take aways for focus in anyone’s life and we discuss cultures and attitudes and how they differ across the world.
You might have to listen to this episode several times as every time you listen you will find a new nuance around how to improve your peak performance. From taking breaks, to recover regularly, reset – platform – develop! Focus on the big points is key, and the here and now. Folkert gives us leadership advice and quotes something I loved: “perfection creates ambition, yet ambition kills perfection”
Find out more about him via LinkedIn or his website.

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Gavin Stirrat – Say yes to everything

I recorded the episode with Gavin Stirrat over a few Brewdog beers. A lovely chat with a man I have known for many years, with a similar history to myself and similar experience. We of course discuss success but also speak a lot about the importance of family, and how to make big decisions, taking risks and which habits he has. Gavin tells a good story, including one about being hands on with toilet brushes, and almost meeting Gary V. Yet he doesn’t have heroes or reads personal development books. An action packed, leisurely chat of two industry veterans about adtech, marketing, family and life in general. I hope you enjoy this week’s episode. You can find Gavin on LinkedIn

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Ikigai – a topical podcast – ‘to live the realisation one hopes for’

This is a new format I want to try out, a topical podcast, so please give me some feedback. I read Philip Perry’s article on Ikigai a few months back. Ikigai is a Japanese concept about what you love, what you and the world needs and what you are good at. It translates into your passion, mission, vocation and profession. And the overlap is Ikigai, which translates as ‘to live the realisation one hopes for’
As an expert on the topic I invited Philip to tell us about Ikigai and what it means in relation to success. Would finding Ikigai mean we are more successful?

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