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I am your host, Volker Ballueder, and I have a passion for personal development, working as an executive and productivity coach and strategic business consultant; I also wrote a productivity book and published PRINCIPLES FOR SUCCESS – 12 principles based on my learning from interviewing people throughout 2018.


Stories of Success is your listening experience for your personal development, where I, Volker Ballueder, as your host, interview successful people.


And my new book ‘Principles for Success’, based on the conversation I have had on this podcast, is now published.

Principles for Success


Having had mentors and coaches, trusted advisors and friends to bounce ideas off for many years, I wanted to pay my learning forward. So I started recording those conversations for you, so you can learn success from the best!


The only requirements for my guests are to either be born in Europe, do business in Europe; and they all must answer my compulsory question “How do you define Success?”


Enjoy the episodes!


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