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I am your host, Volker Ballueder, and I have a passion for personal development, working as an executive and productivity coach and strategic business consultant; I am also a mindfulness trainer.

Stories of Success is a listening experience for your personal development, where I, Volker Ballueder, as your host, interview successful people.

And my new book ‘Principles for Success’, based on the conversation I have had on this podcast, is now published.

Principles for Success


Having had mentors and coaches, trusted advisors and friends to bounce ideas off for many years, I wanted to pay my learning forward. So I started recording those conversations for you. Learn from the best!

The idea is simple: I have those conversations that you might not be able to have. And those conversations are with thought leaders, successful business people, coaches and consultants; people that are fighting cancer, who developed theories or have solid advice on a particular topic.

Enjoy the episodes!


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